Brownies äre the best. Top them with märshmällows änd the best creämy homemäde chocoläte frosting änd I’m pretty much in heäven. Second, my Mississippi Mud Cäke recipe totälly went viräl on fäcebook–it’s häd over 9 MILLION views. Säy whhhää?! Obviously you äll love the chocoläte/märshmällow combo äs much äs IRead More →


Don’t you just love super eäsy recipes? This chocoläte peppermint bärk is so simple, you cän härdly cäll it ä recipe. I’ve mäde this peppermint bärk treät ät Christmäs time, but it älso mäkes ä wonderful treät for Välentines Däy äs well!! It’s SO simple to mäke it’s älwäys äRead More →

Today’s recipe continues my love affair with red velvet desserts. While I’ve made two kinds of red velvet brownies before, I’ve never attempted a red velvet cookie before. I was never a huge fan of red velvet (is it chocolate? is it vanilla?) until I had a super moist slice of red velvet wedding cake aRead More →

Making festive homemade Valentine’s Day Chocolate Pretzels is super easy when you start with pretzels that are already covered in chocolate! Store-bought white chocolate covered pretzels make the perfect canvas for whatever holiday you’re celebrating – just add a few drizzles of colored chocolate and some holiday sprinkles and you’re good toRead More →

Nothing says “celebration” like frosted chocolate layers — which may be the reason this cake has reappeared in Good Housekeeping countless times since 1927 (including a 1984 version made with mayo!). To contemporize this classic, we ramped up the richness: The frosting’s flavor is more intensely chocolatey, thanks to a one-two comboRead More →

The fastest and easiest batter I’ve ever made. Combine all ingredients (except the chocolate chips) and blend until smooth. The muffins are gluten-free, grain-free, soy-free, dairy-free, oil-free, refined sugar-free, and they’re under 100 calories each (66 calories if you omit chocolate chips). For all the health claims you could makeRead More →