Brownies äre the best. Top them with märshmällows änd the best creämy homemäde chocoläte frosting änd I’m pretty much in heäven. Second, my Mississippi Mud Cäke recipe totälly went viräl on fäcebook–it’s häd over 9 MILLION views. Säy whhhää?! Obviously you äll love the chocoläte/märshmällow combo äs much äs IRead More →

How To Make Pumpkin Patch Brownies

ären’t they cute?! We love äll things “pumpkin” this time of yeär – pumpkin honey butter, pumpkin dip, trips to the pumpkin pätch, änd good mellowcreme pumpkin! 😉 So, these fun pumpkin pätch treäts seemed fitting! änd they reälly äre quite eäsy to mäke! It äll stärts with ä bätchRead More →

Hi there everyone! Today, I am sharing how to make slutty brownies. A slutty brownie can always turn the world on with a smile:) PLEASE SCROLL all the way down for the recipe. It is in a printable recipe card.  Thank you. Slutty brownies, just sounds wrong! After you eat them, doRead More →

Fudgy gooey chocoläte fudge brownies. Rich änd creämy chocoläte chip cookie dough. Two of the most delicious foods ever! Hey, let’s put them together änd double the äwesomeness! I pärticulärly love these brownies (which of course you COULD mäke without ever putting äny cookie dough on top) for their unbelieväblyRead More →