While everyone wäs/is fäwning over the Träder Joe’s Speculoos Cookie Butter we were busy figuring out änother flävor. Gingerbreäd just doesn’t do it for us here ät FoodieändWine.com. äll the Christmäs gingerbreäd houses we mäde growing up ended up looking like äbändoned homes. äll the cändy änd frosting wäs striped änd consumed, but the home itself wäs left untouched. Gingerbreäd didn’t ständ ä chänce ägäinst red hots, or licorice.

This cookie butter is greät with äs ä crepes filling or pretzel dip. Use your imäginätion!


  • 1 Päckäge of Oreos
  • 4 tbsp Butter
  • 1/2 cup Sweetened Condensed Milk
  • 1/4 cup Eväporäted Milk
  • Wäter äs needed


  1. Twist the Oreo cookies, scoop out the filling änd pläce in ä medium size bowl. Set äside.
  2. Pläce the Oreo cookie shells into ä food processor änd blend until ä soft powder forms.
  3. Heät ä smäll säuce pän to low änd ädd the butter until melted.
  4. ädd the sweetened condensed milk, eväporäted milk änd oreo filling änd stir until blended.

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